The Clinical Bioinformatics area of the Fundacion Progreso y Salud, Sevilla (Spain) organices a series of courses with theoretical notions and hands-on sessions on genomic data analysis specifically oriented to the management of genomic data in the clinic. The courses are organized with the support of the Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute(INB).


Couse room at the CIPF, Valencia, Spain

Lecture room at the CBA, Seville, Spain

The course

The courses are oriented to clinicians, experimentalists and PhD students who want to learn about the state-of-the-art of basis and concepts of data analysis methodologies in this fast developing area of genomics. Previous bioinformatics experience is not required. Students will acquire the necessary skills for analyzing their own genomic data, either for genome resequencing or for the functional analysis of transcriptomes using some of the most advanced software packages. 

Lectures and hands-on sessions are taught in the facilities of the Clinical Bioinformatics Area, at the Campus of the Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocio, in Seville (Spain), which provide the ideal environment for the organization of bioinformatic courses.

Official language of the course is English.

Social activities

Social activities are organized during the course to favor networking and exchange of experiences among the students, as well as to promote a fruitful dialog between teachers and students. 

Dinner at a typical Valencian restaurant

About the organizers

The organizers and instructors of the course are the developers of several innovative and extensively used packages and programs for genomic data analysis. Just to cite a few of them, the Babelomics, is among the most popular tools for functional profiling of high throughput experiments (see citations), with an average of 1000 experiments analyzed per day. We have also developed tools used in large-scale genomic projects, such as the GenomeMaps, a highly efficient genome browser used ias the official genome viewer by the ICGC, or the CellBase database used by GEL for annotating genomes. 
Our research group, based in the Clinical Bioinformatics Area of the FPS, at the Campus of the Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocio (Seville, Spain), is actively working on problems related to Genomic data analysis in the clinic and Translational Bioinformatics. We organize courses on regular basis; on-line tutorial and courses are also available.

The organizers are:

  • Joaquín Dopazo

  • Javier P. Florido

But other members of the area as well as invited teachers also contribute to the courses.



Other locations at which this course is organized at least on yearly basis are:

Graduate School of Biological, Medical and Veterinary Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK
The National e-Science Centre, Edinburgh, UK
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciéncia (IGC), Oeiras, Portugal


Other places host the course occasionally.

You can also request the organization of a MDA course at your site (depending on our availability). Contact us to request an in house course here (specify MDA in house course request in the email subject).

Social groups

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