Translational Bioinformatics

Translational Bioinformatics 

Personalized medicine is an emerging medical discipline that involves the use of genomic information from an individual as part of its medical care. It has the potential to tailor therapy with the best response and highest safety margin to ensure better patient care. To achieve this, an effective integration of clinical and genomic data is mandatory, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the increasing amount of genomic data.
In this context, we apply cutting-edge bioinformatics methods in order to offer to patients an accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment options.  

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Brief intro to personalized medicine.

Rare diseases

Familial cancer

Integrative analysis

Discovery of new functional candidates

Study of reproductive risk, predisposition to disease and pharmacogenetics????


María Peña Chilet

Rosario Carmona

Virginia Aquino

Ana María Pérez


What we do

A glimpse of what we actually do to obtain a diagnosis

Although we never get to meet with the patients, we take our time with each of them, when possible, we read through the whole clinical data of the patient and perform thorough analyses. We always bear in mind that a patient and its family’s life depend on a proper diagnosis, so we care about the data and always try to get the whole picture in mind, being aware that data are actually people.


NAGEN (sacar info del proyecto por ellos)


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