Genomics and transcriptomics in drug discovery.

TitleGenomics and transcriptomics in drug discovery.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsDopazo, J
JournalDrug discovery today
Date Published2013 Jun 14
Keywordsadverse effects; Drug discovery; drug repositioning; metagenomics; modeling; network analysis; pathway analysis

The popularization of genomic high-throughput technologies is causing a revolution in biomedical research and, particularly, is transforming the field of drug discovery. Systems biology offers a framework to understand the extensive human genetic heterogeneity revealed by genomic sequencing in the context of the network of functional, regulatory and physical protein-drug interactions. Thus, approaches to find biomarkers and therapeutic targets will have to take into account the complex system nature of the relationships of the proteins with the disease. Pharmaceutical companies will have to reorient their drug discovery strategies considering the human genetic heterogeneity. Consequently, modeling and computational data analysis will have an increasingly important role in drug discovery.