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The Methods of Microarray Data Analysis book series has been put out in print by Kluwer academic publishers.

Provided below are the web-companions to each Methods of Microarray Data Analysis. The sites contain a compendium of links, abstracts, papers, slides, programs, and tools that supplements the papers found in the books. We have also included an appendix, which contains information on posters and presentations that we were unable to include in the book because of space constraints.

In subsequent years we have found that online publication has allowed a faster dissemination of results presented at CAMDA and allow reaching a wider audience.

Publications on CAMDA

(2008) Going for algorithm gold, Nature Methods 5, 569. (link to journal)

Tilstone, C. (2003) Vital Statistics. Nature 424, 610-612

Johnson K. and Lin, S. (2001) Call to work together on microarray data analysis. Nature 411, 885

CAMDA 2009

CAMDA 2008

Paper presentations including slides and videos!

CAMDA 2007

Abstracts and presentations

A selection of papers to appear in Genomics

CAMDA 2006

CAMDA 2004

CAMDA 2003

CAMDA 2002

CAMDA 2001

CAMDA 2000

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