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CAMDA 2009 Conference ( Conference Brochure )

The ninth international conference for the Critical Assessment of Massive Data Analysis (CAMDA 2009). To be held:

October 5-6, 2009 ~ Prentice Women's Hospital, 3rd Floor, Conference Room L, 250 E. Superior St., Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
Keynote Speakers: Mark B Gerstein, Yale University; Martin Morgan, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

With the advent of next-generation sequencing technologies, more and more genome-wide assays, which previously could only be performed cost-effectively by microarrays, now can also been done by using next-generation sequencing and with better resolution and sensitivity. However, translating the massive next-generation sequencing data into meaningful results faces new challenges. CAMDA2009 will offer a forum for the researchers from computer science, statistics, molecular biology, and other areas to exchange ideas, and critical evaluation of various techniques of analyzing next-generation sequencing data.

In order to achieve these goals, CAMDA adopts the approach of a community-wide experiment, letting the scientific community analyze the same contest data sets ( a public ChIP-seq dataset ). Researchers worldwide are invited to take the CAMDA challenge. Accepted submissions will be asked to give an oral presentation. Results of analysis are discussed and compared at the CAMDA conference. CAMDA2009 provides a unique environment for testing and demonstrating your latest analysis methods in next-generation sequencing.

To have a better overview of next-generation sequencing technologies, CAMDA2009 will include a review session. Reviews of recent developments in next-generation sequencing will be presented at the conference.

CAMDA, which began in 2000, was initiated by Simon Lin and Kimberly Johnson from the Duke University Bioinformatics Shared Resource. This year, CAMDA2009 is hosted by Northwestern University.

Your participation is critical for making this year's CAMDA meeting again a great event.




Top Three Presentations of CAMDA 2009 competition:

Winner of “CAMDA 2009 Best Presentation Award”:

Guohua Wang, Yadong Wang, Denan Zhang, Lang Li, Yunlong Liu*, “STAT1 regulates microRNA transcription in interferon γ – stimulated HeLa cells”



Yanen Li* and Sheng Zhong, “SeqMapReduce: software and web service for accelerating sequence mapping”



Jean-Francois Pessiot*, Hirokazu Chiba, Hiroto Hyakkoku, Takeaki Taniguchi, Wataru Fujibuchi, “PeakRegressor identifies composite sequence motifs responsible for STAT1 binding sites and their potential rSNPs”


Note: * Person who made the presentation.




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