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CAMDA 2007 EMERALD Workshop

EMERALD sponsored Data Analysis Workshop Session:

EMERALD will sponsor a workshop Session in Valencia, December 13, 2007, hosting by CAMDA 2007, to discuss ways to benchmark preprocessing techniques on public data like from MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC).

Three travel grants for PhD students from EU member countries:

We would like to announce three travel grants for Ph.D. students who are citizens of the European Union member states to help them to participate in the CAMDA 2007- EMERALD workshop Session in Valencia. Each grant will pay up to 500 Euros for travel expenses. The candidates must submit a poster for presentation at the meeting and confirm their eligibility and interest to present their work at the workshop.

The funding has been made available from the European Union funded Coordination Action EMERALD, which aims at developing and implementing microarray data quality metrics. Posters related to microarray data quality and standards will be given preference. More information can be found on EMERALD website