Reporting guidelines for human microbiome research: the STORMS checklist.

TitleReporting guidelines for human microbiome research: the STORMS checklist.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsMirzayi, C, Renson, A, Zohra, F, Elsafoury, S, Geistlinger, L, Kasselman, LJ, Eckenrode, K, van de Wijgert, J, Loughman, A, Marques, FZ, MacIntyre, DA, Arumugam, M, Azhar, R, Beghini, F, Bergstrom, K, Bhatt, A, Bisanz, JE, Braun, J, Bravo, HCorrada, Buck, GA, Bushman, F, Casero, D, Clarke, G, Collado, MCarmen, Cotter, PD, Cryan, JF, Demmer, RT, Devkota, S, Elinav, E, Escobar, JS, Fettweis, J, Finn, RD, Fodor, AA, Forslund, S, Franke, A, Furlanello, C, Gilbert, J, Grice, E, Haibe-Kains, B, Handley, S, Herd, P, Holmes, S, Jacobs, JP, Karstens, L, Knight, R, Knights, D, Koren, O, Kwon, DS, Langille, M, Lindsay, B, McGovern, D, McHardy, AC, McWeeney, S, Mueller, NT, Nezi, L, Olm, M, Palm, N, Pasolli, E, Raes, J, Redinbo, MR, Rühlemann, M, R Sartor, B, Schloss, PD, Schriml, L, Segal, E, Shardell, M, Sharpton, T, Smirnova, E, Sokol, H, Sonnenburg, JL, Srinivasan, S, Thingholm, LB, Turnbaugh, PJ, Upadhyay, V, Walls, RL, Wilmes, P, Yamada, T, Zeller, G, Zhang, M, Zhao, N, Zhao, L, Bao, W, Culhane, A, Devanarayan, V, Dopazo, J, Fan, X, Fischer, M, Jones, W, Kusko, R, Mason, CE, Mercer, TR, Sansone, S-A, Scherer, A, Shi, L, Thakkar, S, Tong, W, Wolfinger, R, Hunter, C, Segata, N, Huttenhower, C, Dowd, JB, Jones, HE, Waldron, L
Corporate AuthorsGenomic Standards Consortium, Massive Analysis and Quality Control Society
JournalNat Med
Date Published2021 11
KeywordsComputational Biology; Dysbiosis; Humans; Microbiota; Observational Studies as Topic; Research Design; Translational Science, Biomedical

The particularly interdisciplinary nature of human microbiome research makes the organization and reporting of results spanning epidemiology, biology, bioinformatics, translational medicine and statistics a challenge. Commonly used reporting guidelines for observational or genetic epidemiology studies lack key features specific to microbiome studies. Therefore, a multidisciplinary group of microbiome epidemiology researchers adapted guidelines for observational and genetic studies to culture-independent human microbiome studies, and also developed new reporting elements for laboratory, bioinformatics and statistical analyses tailored to microbiome studies. The resulting tool, called 'Strengthening The Organization and Reporting of Microbiome Studies' (STORMS), is composed of a 17-item checklist organized into six sections that correspond to the typical sections of a scientific publication, presented as an editable table for inclusion in supplementary materials. The STORMS checklist provides guidance for concise and complete reporting of microbiome studies that will facilitate manuscript preparation, peer review, and reader comprehension of publications and comparative analysis of published results.

Alternate JournalNat Med
PubMed ID34789871
Grant ListU01 CA230551 / CA / NCI NIH HHS / United States