[Impact assessment on data protection in research projects].

Title[Impact assessment on data protection in research projects].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsGarcía-León, FJavier, Villegas-Portero, R, Goicoechea-Salazar, JAntonio, Muñoyerro-Muñiz, D, Dopazo, J
JournalGac Sanit
Date Published2020 Sep - Oct
KeywordsComputer Security; Humans

Recent changes in European regulations for personal data protection still allow the use of health data for research purposes, but they have set the Impact Assessment on Data Protection as an instrument for reflection and risk analysis in the process of data processing. The publication of a guide for facilitates this impact assessment, although it is not directly applicable to research projects. Experience in a specific project is detailed, showing how the context of the treatment becomes relevant with respect to the data characteristics. Carrying out an impact assessment is an opportunity to ensure compliance with the principles of data protection in an increasingly complex environment with greater ethical challenges.

Alternate JournalGac Sanit
PubMed ID31980148