Blast2GO goes grid: developing a grid-enabled prototype for functional genomics analysis

TitleBlast2GO goes grid: developing a grid-enabled prototype for functional genomics analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsAparicio, G, Gotz, S, Conesa, A, Segrelles, D, Blanquer, I, Garcia, JM, Hernandez, V, Robles, M, Talon, M
JournalStud Health Technol Inform

The vast amount in complexity of data generated in Genomic Research implies that new dedicated and powerful computational tools need to be developed to meet their analysis requirements. Blast2GO (B2G) is a bioinformatics tool for Gene Ontology-based DNA or protein sequence annotation and function-based data mining. The application has been developed with the aim of affering an easy-to-use tool for functional genomics research. Typical B2G users are middle size genomics labs carrying out sequencing, ETS and microarray projects, handling datasets up to several thousand sequences. In the current version of B2G. The power and analytical potential of both annotation and function data-mining is somehow restricted to the computational power behind each particular installation. In order to be able to offer the possibility of an enhanced computational capacity within this bioinformatics application, a Grid component is being developed. A prototype has been conceived for the particular problem of speeding up the Blast searches to obtain fast results for large datasets. Many efforts have been done in the literature concerning the speeding up of Blast searches, but few of them deal with the use of large heterogeneous production Grid Infrastructures. These are the infrastructures that could reach the largest number of resources and the best load balancing for data access. The Grid Service under development will analyse requests based on the number of sequences, splitting them accordingly to the available resources. Lower-level computation will be performed through MPIBLAST. The software architecture is based on the WSRF standard.


Aparicio, G Gotz, S Conesa, A Segrelles, D Blanquer, I Garcia, J M Hernandez, V Robles, M Talon, M Netherlands Studies in health technology and informatics Stud Health Technol Inform. 2006;120:194-204.