Blast2GO: A Comprehensive Suite for Functional Analysis in Plant Genomics

TitleBlast2GO: A Comprehensive Suite for Functional Analysis in Plant Genomics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsConesa, A, Gotz, S
JournalInt J Plant Genomics

Functional annotation of novel sequence data is a primary requirement for the utilization of functional genomics approaches in plant research. In this paper, we describe the Blast2GO suite as a comprehensive bioinformatics tool for functional annotation of sequences and data mining on the resulting annotations, primarily based on the gene ontology (GO) vocabulary. Blast2GO optimizes function transfer from homologous sequences through an elaborate algorithm that considers similarity, the extension of the homology, the database of choice, the GO hierarchy, and the quality of the original annotations. The tool includes numerous functions for the visualization, management, and statistical analysis of annotation results, including gene set enrichment analysis. The application supports InterPro, enzyme codes, KEGG pathways, GO direct acyclic graphs (DAGs), and GOSlim. Blast2GO is a suitable tool for plant genomics research because of its versatility, easy installation, and friendly use.


Conesa, Ana Gotz, Stefan Egypt International journal of plant genomics Int J Plant Genomics. 2008;2008:619832.