Babelomics 5.0: functional interpretation for new generations of genomic data.

TitleBabelomics 5.0: functional interpretation for new generations of genomic data.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsAlonso, R, Salavert, F, Garcia-Garcia, F, Carbonell-Caballero, J, Bleda, M, García-Alonso, L, Sanchis-Juan, A, Perez-Gil, D, Marin-Garcia, P, Sánchez, R, Cubuk, C, Hidalgo, MR, Amadoz, A, Hernansaiz-Ballesteros, RD, Alemán, A, Tárraga, J, Montaner, D, Medina, I, Dopazo, J
JournalNucleic acids research
Date Published2015 Apr 20
Keywordsbabelomics; data integration; gene set analysis; interactome; network analysis; NGS; RNA-seq; Systems biology; transcriptomics

Babelomics has been running for more than one decade offering a user-friendly interface for the functional analysis of gene expression and genomic data. Here we present its fifth release, which includes support for Next Generation Sequencing data including gene expression (RNA-seq), exome or genome resequencing. Babelomics has simplified its interface, being now more intuitive. Improved visualization options, such as a genome viewer as well as an interactive network viewer, have been implemented. New technical enhancements at both, client and server sides, makes the user experience faster and more dynamic. Babelomics offers user-friendly access to a full range of methods that cover: (i) primary data analysis, (ii) a variety of tests for different experimental designs and (iii) different enrichment and network analysis algorithms for the interpretation of the results of such tests in the proper functional context. In addition to the public server, local copies of Babelomics can be downloaded and installed. Babelomics is freely available at: