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CAMDA 2004 Conference Best Presentation
CAMDA ’04 was held on November 10 - 12, 2004 at the Durham Hilton. Attended by 100 biologists, statisticians, computer scientists and mathematicians from 11 countries, the conference truly brought together the major players in this field. At the conference, 16 papers were presented both orally and in poster form with discussions throughout the conference on the merits and drawbacks of each approach. Each author was called upon to defend his or her approach with questions from the audience, which prompted lively discussion about the strengths and weakness of each method. Aside from questions on methodology, discussion included relating the results to malaria biology and how the results of some analyses could be confirmed in the lab, a discussion that was further enabled by one of the authors of the data set, Manuel LLinas.  At the end of the conference, attendees, including the Scientific Committee, voted on a “Best Presentation” and the award was given to:
A New Annotation Tool For Malaria Based On Inference Of Probabilistic Genetic Networks

J. Barrera, R. M. Cesar Jr. , D. C. MartinsJr., E. F. Merino , R. Z. N. Vêncio , F. G. Leonardi M. M. Yamamoto, C. A. B. Pereira, H. A. del Portillo.
University of São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil


Spatial Correlation of Expression in P.falciparum
J.B. Christian, C. Shaw, J. Noyola-Martinez, M.C. Gustin, D.W. Scott, R. Guerra
Rice University & Baylor College of Medicine

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